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Best of the West & The Weekender

Our editors bring you their favorite places, events, and obsessions, along with the latest, most inspiring stories from

Twice a week, Sunday and Tuesday

Food & Drink

Recipes are just the beginning of this email devoted to food, wine, cooking, kitchen gear, and more.

Weekly on Monday


From the mountains to the oceans, these are our editors' picks for the best places to eat, stay, and play in the West.

Weekly on Wednesday

Home & Design

The latest design ideas, home tours, before-and-afters, and more to inspire and—we hope—motivate you.

Weekly on Thursday


Whether you're raising plant babies indoors or running a backyard farm, turn to us for everything you need to make your life greener.

Weekly on Friday

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Last-Minute, Low-Stress Travel ✈️️

This summer-travel survival guide covers packing tips, how to score the best deals, enduring flight cancellations, and more. 

Length: 6 weeks

Low-Water Gardening 🌵

 We’ll walk you through creating a low-water garden, from lawn removal to selecting the right plants and installing smart irrigation.

Length: 8 weeks

The Ultimate Guide to Raised Beds 🌷

We take the mystery—and hopefully some of the work—out of building and maintaining raised garden beds. 

Length: 8 weeks

The Holiday Survival Guide ❄

Getting through the holidays can be tough, but the editors of Sunset will be there with tips, ideas, recipes, and more.

Weekly November through December

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Our Next-Level Newsletters:

Idea Hub

Get updates on our three innovative Idea Houses, plus design ideas and classic stories from our archives.

Every other Monday


Go on adventures across the West with Sunset's travel editor, Krista Simmons.

Every other Monday


Our editors show you the products we love, from groups of great gifts to a special something you have to have. 


Sales & Deals

It's pretty simple. We see a killer deal — we send you an alert!



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